Royal Arsenal vs Old Colfeians RFC Tag Rugby – Friendly Game

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The beautiful weather last weekend meant “Suns Out, (Royal Arsenal) Guns Out” as we met for a friendly at The Old Colfeians RFC. In the spirit of a non-competitive game at this great venue we lent some RA members to the other side. In hindsight we should have been slower to relinquish players as the pressure was strong from kick off to final whistle! Regardless of the side played on it was a thrashing for fitness and it opened a dialogue about team tactics.
Final Score RA 8 | Old Colfeians RFC 9. (Sun April 2, 2017)
Contributions from (member/players) with thanks
Ed Degaetano – Pics
Jason Millar – Highlights

Royal Arsenal Rugby Practice Locations

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We play every Sunday 52 weeks of the year up at the MOD playing grounds, just behind Tesco Woolwich Central about 10 min walk.

Summer we play at Wellington Park Royal Arsenal Riverside Wednesdays.

Winter we play indoors Bldg 10 on the Royal Arsenal Woolwich Wednesdays.

Keep an eye on our league games, sometimes we are away on Wednesdays!!! Updates on FB / TWR updates












Meet the people behind the RARC!

It’s just over a year since the Royal Arsenal Rugby club popped up at the RA Farmers Market. So you get another chance get up and close again this Saturday March 25th, 2017. Probably the RA’s largest Social Club. There are many reasons to visit us and find out why? You also get a chance to check out our first RA kit, season 16/17!

Pop along to our promo stand (22) just inside the door of Bldg 10!

It’s not only a farm to table movement but it’s also all about the ‘Community’.

Open two Saturdays a month, all year round, ‘Royal Arsenal’s Farmers’ Market is known not only for its selection of fresh fruits, veggies, cheeses and artisan food, but for the unique stands showcasing what the Royal Arsenal Riverside has to offer.


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