Royal Arsenal Rugby Year End Xmas Party – Let the games begin!

Royal Arsenal RFC 2016 Xmas Party ‘Kris Kringle’ (Secret Santa Gift Giving) Rules

  1. Whoever wants to play brings a wrapped, unmarked quirky gift max. 10 pounds in value.
  2. The gifts are placed somewhere central.
  3. Anyone who brings a gift writes their name on pieces of paper.
  4. All pieces of paper are placed in a container.
  5. The host(Ed) picks a name from the container (this begins the first round).
  6. That person picks a gift and unwraps it (end of first round).
  7. That same person picks a second name from the container (this begins another round).
  8. That new person now has the option of stealing from the first person or picking a new gift and unwrapping it.  If they steal, the first person selects a new gift and unwraps it (end of second round).
  9. Now rounds continue with a new person being selected and end when everyone has made their selection or there are no more gifts to steal (a gift can only be stolen once in a round—to keep track of this everyone places their gifts on their laps at the beginning of a round, and on the floor once they’ve been stolen.
  10. If a name gets selected and that person already has a gift, they have the option of (A) keeping their gift (in which case, the round is over and they pick a new name), or (B) stealing from someone else (in which case, they trade gifts and the round continues).
  11. This cycle of high thievery continues until the last name is picked and that person can keep what they have (game over).

Dan Hudson 60 Second Interview

England Team RA6NatBlitz'16-3

Six Nations Royal Arsenal Tag Rugby Blitz March 2016

We here at RARC News were very happy to be able to grab 60 seconds with Dan Hudson, the player of the tournament at the recent 6 Nations Blitz and all round heart-throb!

What many people don’t know is that when Dan got married a couple of years ago, he organised a tag rugby game up on Blackheath common in front of the Princess of Wales pub which was the inspiration for local residents John Gavin and Errol Slater to get people out on a Sunday and play. This eventually led to the formation of what is now known as the Royal Arsenal Rugby Club.


RARC:    What are you up to right now?

Dan:       Hi RARC, I am at work, just catching up with emails from the night before and eating my toast like a good boy.


RARC:    What do you think of the RARC?

Dan:       I think it is amazing, I can’t believe how far it has come and what a great force it is in bringing people together and also raising money for charity. This is all down to John and Errol and their hard work and enthusiasm; they really are the PJ and Duncan of Woolwich Arsenal.


RARC:    Where have to been recently, you went AWOL for a while?

Dan:       I know, I have been missing playing. I had a marathon last month and a bit of an Achilles issue, so I am taking it very easy and trying to focus on just running and not making the issue worse. Hopefully it will be fine and I will get around. Once this is done, I will 100% be back in the mix.


RARC:    What does it take get to your exceptional level on the rugby pitch?

Dan        That is a very good question, I would say it is a combination of god given talent and bright white rugby boots. No seriously, it’s more about having fun, as you know; I do a lot of endurance events (Marathons / Ironman / Ride London), but when we play tag rugby, it’s like being back at school, running around, having a laugh and just enjoying it.


RARC:    If you were scouting for talent, who is the first person you’d pick?

Dan:       This is an easy one, most people would think that I would pick Brian, but it would come down to either Annie or Big Mark Cox. Annie is a great player and it’s funny to watch her kick JP’s butt, and I figure that if you are on the same side as Mark, it’s probably a safe place!


RARC:    Are you going to be running out with us again soon.

Dan:       Most certainly, I have just finished the marathon  and will be back every weekend and looking forward to playing over the summer. I am also training for Ride London and competing for Sports Aid, a great charity that supports grass roots sport, check out my just giving page

RARC: Thank you Dan, we look forward to seeing more of you and your ‘Iron Man Skills’ on the pitch.