Royal Arsenal Autumn League ’18 Match Report – 1st Fixture

Royal Arsenal 4 | Mondo Jugs 7

Royal Arsenal got their season underway on Wednesday night with a battling loss to the Mondo Jugs.

A new line-up meant there was some fresh faces turning out for RA for the first game of the autumn season, but the players quickly gelled and formed a tough defensive line.

It’s a rare game where both teams force the other to get through six tags more often than not, but it was a credit to both defences that attackers often found themselves staring down blind alleys.

The first half was a close affair with the Jugs leading RA for the majority of the period, and the second half kicked off in much the same way with a closely-fought battle being decided by the finest of margins.

The jugs did eventually manage to open up a two-point gap towards the end of regular time, and added another try for good measure in the dying moments. 

But RA can be pleased with their efforts, especially considering the new line-up meant the offensive side of the ball wasn’t quite moving at 100 per cent.

Now both Royal Arsenal and Woolwich Arsenal can look forward to a hotly-anticipated derby clash next week that will mark WA’s first game of the new season.

Report by Joel Watson




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Royal Arsenal Summer League ’18 Match Report – 3rd Fixture (Arsenal Derby)

Royal Arsenal 10 Woolwich Arsenal 3

Royal Arsenal showed off their championship credentials on Wednesday with a well-earned victory over club rivals Woolwich Arsenal.

After blowing hot and cold last season, RA are off to a hot start in the new league, and they started this game strongly, opening the scoring and racing ahead to a 3-0 lead early in the first half.The first scores came on lightning counter attacks, as the Royals pinched possession from WA passes.

But more impressive than the attacking was the defensive effort, where RA barely conceded an inch as they covered every blade of grass between the cones.On returning to the team, George was at his energetic best, sweeping up behind the defensive line and cutting holes in WA’s defense to set up scores.

And in a dominant first half, RA racked up 6 points to WA’s 1 and went into the break with a comfortable margin between the sides.Woolwich recovered from their shellshock in the second period and quickly fought back with two scores in quick succession.

Christian showed off some flare with a couple of crossfield kicks that found the mark and left RA’s defense flat-footed.

But before long Royal Arsenal got back in the attacking groove to tally up a few more points, with Jenny scoring a well-deserved try after sprinting the length of the pitch on a supporting run.

The second half, that finished 4-3 to RA, was a fairer reflection of the game than the final score indicated.But it was a strong performance from the Royals nonetheless who are full of confidence heading into a clash with Beasts from the East next time out.

Man of the match went to Jules as he provided his usual combo of defensive work rate and offensive speed.And despite the loss, Woolwich can quickly put this performance behind them as key players will likely return for their next match against Tryphoon Season.

Report by Joel Watson



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Royal Arsenal Summer League ’18 Match Report – 1st Fixture

Royal Arsenal 9 Kool and the Gang 5

The season got underway proper for Royal Arsenal this week with their game against Kool and the Gang.And while the Royals struggled to a draw in the same fixture last year, they had no such problems this time round.

RA had to kick off a bit of rust early in the game and conceded a pair of sloppy tries in the opening minutes.But from there, they recovered to put their foot on the gas and started racking up the tries.

Royal Arsenal sliced through KATG’s defensive line regularly and managed to offload the ball to Woolwich Arsenal loanees Katy and Ashley to get the scoreboard ticking over.

Kyle, in his last game for the side before his summer hiatus, was at his attacking best, gaining big ground a regular basis. But even more impressive was the team defence with Abbey and Jesse excelling as they shut down KATG attacks, along with Ali and Rhianna darting around on a rum-fueled rampage after two weeks in the Caribbean.

The pace of the game slowed down in the second half on a warm summer evening and RA finished the fixture comfortable victors.

Woolwich Arsenal 11 – Tagalog 13

After an easy win in their first match of the season, Woolwich Arsenal suffered a narrow defeat to the explosive Tagalog in their second game.

Despite racking up the points once again in an impressive attacking display, a lack of defensive organisation left Tagalog’s pace merchants too much room to run through, and they wasted no time in piling on the points.

However, despite a tough first half, WA would not be kept down and showed huge resilience to mount a comeback in the second period. Ashley again was unstoppable close to the try line, tallying up even more points to keep the game close.

And towards the end of time, another darting score brought WA within a point at 10-9. But a couple of defensive miscues left Tagalog’s speedy wingers enough space to run in a couple more tries and put the game out of reach.

Despite the loss, there was still plenty of talent on show from Woolwich and with another week or two to warm up into the new season, they’re still a good bet to be contending for top of the table honours.

Report by Joel Watson


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Royal Arsenal Early Summer League ’18 Match Report – (Wed May 30th)

Royal Arsenal 7 Tag em and Bag em 10

In one of the more heated games – literally and figuratively – of the league season, Royal Arsenal narrowly lost to league leaders Tag em and Bag em on Wednesday.

RA started strong, taking the early lead with some fast-paced attacks and held up well defensively, despite the heat and humidity that made the game an uphill struggle.

Kyle and George showed off their attacking edge as usual, cutting through the saggy bags (or whatever they’re called) with some nice attacking lines.

TEBE had plenty of attacking flair of their own though, and levelled the score up to 3-3 as the teams trudged off for halftime and well-earned drink.

RA struggled to get going in the second period, and conceded a flurry of tries just after the break, swiftly going down 7-3.

But showing the resilience that’s been the trademark of the team this season, they fought back with scores of their own, including yet another try for Jenny.

The score was 8-7 going into the closing stages of the game before a girl score sealed the win for TEBE and resigned Royal Arsenal to the first competitive loss they’ve had since the second week of the season.

Still, it was a spirited performance from a quickly-improving side, and the Royals are still in contention to be in the championship game by the end of the season.

Woolwich Arsenal 3 – Beasts from the East 1

After a number of misfires against Beasts from both Arsenal sides in recent months, WA finally broke the losing streak against their East London rivals.

Right from the opening whistle, Woolwich were on the front foot, moving the ball along the line easily and taking the lead with loanee Kyle breaking the line and opening the scoring.

Considering the slick attacking on show from WA, it’s surprising they didn’t hit double digit scores in the first half alone.

Ashley, Ovie in Jules continuously troubled the Beasts defence with some bursting runs, and were backed up by an immovable defence that hardly missed a tag all game.

However, despite having the lionshare of the ball and looking better in attack, some marginal fouls and goal-line spills meant WA couldn’t put the game to bed until the final whistle.

Luckily, the defence was even more impressive than the attack and the Beasts never looked likely to get back into the game once they went behind.

The win moves WA into third place in the league and needing just one more point to ensure they’re playing in the championship game in two weeks.


By Joel Watson – RARC Member/Player/Club Match Reporter


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Royal Arsenal Early Summer League ’18 Match Report – (Wed May 23rd)

Royal Arsenal 9 Steve Thorpe’s Destoyers 7

Royal Arsenal found the cure for aggressive STDs in the early fixture, taking control of the game quickly with a pair of tries and a rock solid defence.

The early lead could easily have been higher if not for a few marginal fending penalties that killed off some promising drives.

But the Destroyers attacked with plenty of aggression themselves, quickly levelling up the scores at 2-2 after 10 minutes.

Jenny, fresh from a high scoring performance the week before, put the Royals back in control with a fine burst through the middle, leaving two defenders for dead.

And with half-time approaching, Arsenal looked set to hold onto the lead, before a handful of defensive miscues meant the STDs managed to run in two more tries and the period ended at 4-4.

It took Arsenal a bit of time to find their feet in the second half. Defensive disorganisation meant the Destroyers managed to gain the advantage in an end-to-end contest, despite Kyle’s best attacking efforts.

But with the game on the line, Arsenal finally put the foot on the gas and took control. The defence re-emerged as an impenetrable unit, refusing to budge with their backs to the wall, and with George, Alistair and Andrew charging at the STDs, it was only a matter of time before Arsenal regained the lead.

In the dying seconds, the Royals went ahead for good, Kyle once again proving too hot to handle, and the defence iced the game with some more solid work, earning a well-deserved victory.

Kyle won man of the match honours, although the whole team deserves enormous credit for holding up under pressure, particularly some stunning tagging from Abbey, Rhianna, and Ann.


Woolwich Arsenal 14 Kool and the Gang 9

Woolwich Arsenal had a tough act to follow after seeing Royal Arsenal scrape over the line in a dramatic game.


But they easily lived up to their billing as the second highest-scoring team in the league in the late fixture.

The rugby was a joy to watch as Woolwich sliced through the Gang’s defence over and over again, Jules linking well with Ashley for a handful of scores and Ovie giving defenders fits all game.

Johnny and Katie got in on the try-fest, and in truth, the game was over as a contest by half time with Kool and the Gang trailing by a huge margin.

The opposition fought back bravely in the second period, but it wasn’t enough to overturn the first half deficit and Woolwich ran out comfortable winners in an entertaining contest.

Jules deservedly claimed the man of the match award for a sterling mix of attacking and defensive play.

Now Woolwich go into the final two weeks of the season real contenders to trouble the top of the table if they can follow this game up with some more good performances.


By Joel Watson – RARC Member/Player/Club Match Reporter

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Royal Arsenal Early Summer League ’18 Match Report – (Wed May 2nd)

Woolwich Arsenal 16 – Steve Thorpe Destroyers 5

After a comprehensive thumping of the Friendly East London side last week, Woolwich Arsenal followed that performance up with a second win in a row, this time against Steve Thorpe Destroyers.

The same formula as last week paid dividends again as Katy and Ashley finished off slick attacking moves and racked up the tries as Woolwich’s passing was fast and furious once again.

Gary and Johnny controlled the centre of the field and there were plenty of bursting runs on show from Errol and Jules in a complete performance that showcased all of the teams strengths.

The win means Woolwich are now top of the table in the early summer league and are the team to beat.

Royal Arsenal 5 – Beasts from the East 15

Royal Arsenal faced a tough assignment this week, taking on the reigning champs from the East London League, the Beasts from the East.

The game got off to a bright start with Arsenal scoring two tries to take a two point lead, but the Beasts quickly got back into the game with a flurry of tries in the first half to stretch out a large gap between the sides.

A few teething troubles were expected early on since Arsenal had a handful of new players in the side, and a lack of chemistry explained a disjointed first half performance.

But by the second period, the team was working much better together defensively as well as putting in a much improved attacking performance.

There was plenty of promise on show in Arsenal’s side, with new players Alistair, Rhianna and Michael all playing brilliantly against an experienced side, and with another couple of week’s experience under their belts, this Arsenal team will improve rapidly.

By Joel Watson – RARC Member/Player/Club Match Reporter

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Royal Arsenal Early Summer League ’18 1st Entry Match Report – (Wed April 25th)

Royal Arsenal 10 Kool and the Gang 10

The game was fast-paced from the off with both sides scoring early and often.

Kyle and Andrew in particular created plenty of gaps in KATG’s defence and made up plenty of ground in the attacking game.

Some sloppy tagging by Royal Arsenal saw us concede a handful of first-half tries, but both sides went into the break neck-and-neck at 3-4.

In the second period, the game picked up where it left off with plenty of exciting attacking play mixed in with some defensive errors leading to a shoot-out between the two sides.

A few handling errors cost Royal Arsenal some chances to add extra points on the board, and one point it looked like the game was slipping out of reach with five minutes to go when KATE opened up a three point lead.

But after Jenny sliced through the centre of the pitch to score a try, the gap was just one point in the dying moments.

From there Arsenal wouldn’t be denied, harrying in defence to win the ball back and driving down the field to score a last-gasp try from Andrew, nicking the draw in dramatic fashion.

Had Arsenal taken all their opportunities the game was there to be won, but everyone deserves credit for keeping cool to the last second and ensuring the season got off to a positive start.

Player of the match went to Jenny for her first try for Royal Arsenal, and a shout out to Abbey, who played in her first game for the club and locked down the wing all game.

Woolwich Arsenal 14 Friendly East London 4

Woolwich Arsenal got to open up their season against the mish-mash side that was friendly East London, containing a mix of players from the other league sides.

From start to finish, Woolwich showed that the chemistry they have as a team was more than enough to wipe the floor with the opposition.

Katie and Ashley stood out, scoring a handful of tried each and making sure the scoreline was well out of reach by half time.

And Ovie, who’s joined Woolwich for the season, blasted through the defence a number of times to pick up a pair of scores with some impressive moves to skin defenders.

If that performance is a sign of things to come, Woolwich Arsenal will be a force to be reckoned with this season

By Joel Watson – RARC Member/Player/Club Match Reporter









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