10 reasons you should join a club.

1. Meet new people and make friends for life

2. Have some fun

3. Be More! Gain skills and get employable

4. Short on funds? Not to worry, FREE Stuff!

5. Don’t have the time because of work load or studies? You’re more likely to do well when you’re part of a group!

6. Learn something new. Add to your diary.

7. Refocus. Be Active. Feel Better.

8. Wear the Kit .(you are the chosen one ✌️😃)

9. You will always have others looking out for you.

10. Carry on listening to your inner child and having fun!


Join Royal Arsenal Tag Rugby Club probably the biggest tag rugby club in the world! Right HERE


Tag Rugby Training Sessions

Highly motivated environment to improve your team and individual skills? 

From small tips and tricks to improve your tag game moving into more complex team moves and drills to compete at the highest level – we can help you out. Sessions are fun and game based but with a real focus on the core skills needed to be a successful Tag Team

Our training for tag rugby includes experienced personnel.

  • “Learn the skill not the drill”
  • Game planning based on free-flowing and running tag rugby
  • 7-8 working as a team so the wingers are maximised
  • Work with experienced players (minimum 2-3 years experience) concentrating on fitness, speed/agility, tagging and game plans
  • Individual skills, unit skills, mini units
  • Organised training sessions
  • View and assess video archives in Tag Tournaments
  • Game-plan and strategies: How do I learn effective game-plans to match my strengths?
  • Preparation: How do I prepare and motivate myself?

Our coaching also includes using our member players for assessment purposes. You will have 10-20 players to use as well as the opportunity to be involved in Sunday club games.



Join us on any given Sunday or Wednesday. TAG RUBY TRAINING MODULE COMING SHORTLY FOR PUBLICATION. Sign up to our Newsletter for updates.


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