Royal Arsenal Tag Team Entry – Wasps Festival West London – April 7th 2018

We are taking part in the West London Tag Festival at the home of Wasps FC.
It starts at 12 noon and finishes at 6pm. Its going to be a league format progressing into knock out series. There are going to be about 40 teams talking part, and the format is organised and tiered in such a way as to enable maximum playing time.
We need a team of at least 10 players (incl. subs) Minimum 3 female players on the pitch at the same time. (£21 for members £25 for non-members)
Its going to take us over an hour to get there on the day. There will be good catering and bar facilities and the opportunity for drinks afterwards if you want to partake.
Please mark your name as going if you’re up for it. LINK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST




Wasps FC’s Twyford Avenue Sports Club in Acton (W3 9QA).