The Connect Card #Pre-release Woolwich Arsenal

The Connect Card – Loyalty Partnership      

As a club, we are constantly innovating and looking for new ways to collaborate. We are looking at working with new partners for our mutual benefit and as part of that, we would like to introduce the Loyalty Card.

We are asking local businesses to collaborate with us as our business partner in offering both our members and it’s members a discount or incentive within the locale.

What is it:

We intend to use our membership cards as the loyalty card. When members produce their membership card (see card below) to a local business it would offer them a discount or incentive of their choice.

The benefits we see from this are:

We are confident that by using both our marketing initiatives we can strongly promote the Connect Card across all medium. First off, we are establishing a website to list participating businesses and offers, use in-house signage and TV as well as all social media to promote this. We also will be happy to work with participating businesses throughout the year on joint competitions or events. All members will be informed of this card.

We intend to set up a ‘Connect Card’ Facebook page so all businesses can post to the page if they have upcoming offers etc. This can also be used to promote participating businesses.

It is hoped that between the Rugby Club and participating businesses it will be able to bond the community in a most savy and worthwhile way.

There is very little management- it’s as simple as businesses displaying the signage in their shop and they can decide the incentive offered to both the business members and clubs members.

This will incentivise the ‘shop local’ ideal, encouraging harmony between customers and businesses, so we can all grow together. The Royal Arsenal Club is well established and branded, so we see this card as generating business for all of us.

This card will be altered to show it’s also a loyalty card. This is just a sample. We propose using the logos of each Quarter on the card to reflect the participation of each one. We would have a page on a website of all participating businesses.

If you feel this scheme is for you please get in touch, because this will be for a limited number of businesses as a pilot scheme. We envisage this to get up and running very shortly because we have already local businesses signing up. We are looking to launch this soon so any further interest please let us know asap. Our own club membership is up for renewal August 31st to which we will be able to include a partner flyer in our welcome pack.


Connect Card RARC_v3

In Summary

The card is your passport to discounts in and around the area. Membership gives access to a wide range of discounts and money off products and services at participating local businesses, example companies like, Royal Resistance, The Guard House, Youth Theatre, Sea Barbour, House of Denna and local shops and restaurants.