Champion’s Cup Format


Over the past few years Royal Arsenal talked about setting up a friendly game with other Tag Teams. In 2017, having made numerous attempts to gain momentum it all came ahead at the inaugural match. Royal Arsenal secured the interest of Beasts from The East in the first ever Tag Team Challenge-no strings attached-game at their home ground in Woolwich Arsenal.
Both teams had only ever been challenged in league games before this. So the club has dangled the carrot a few times for others to join. The result has been phenomenal. Most recently the club has played with teams like Tagalicious, Grubber Lang, Lord of the Ringers, Blackheath Taggers, Team Tag Time and Tryphoon Season!!!


The format is as follows:

  1. Played on any given Sunday to suit the opposition once the invite is extended to an away team.
  2. League Rules Apply
  3. Mixed 7 player format 4 males 3 females
  4. 2 x twenty minute halves
  5. Official Ref
  6. Time always is 12 noon KO.
  7. Pitch size is 70 x 50 the official size of a competition game.
  8. Cones evenly positioned including half way markers with a 10m landmark where the Kick OFF is placed.

Tag Rugby Ptich Size

Once the opposition team has accepted or prompted a Sunday date for a challenge it all kicks off. To gain momentum the normal procedure is to begin the process of getting as many tag players and supporters as interested as possible, hence:

  1. WhatsApp thread set up for organisers
  2. Logo of opposition or their identity
  3. Facebook ‘EVENT’ page arranged
  4. All interested parties invites go out and directed towards facebook event page.

A booking is made at the local pub (usually the Dial Arch Pub)for brunch after the championship friendly where all are invited to stay around for the banter(approx. 1:45pm).


First Away Game Medway RFC 2016

Second Away Game Greenwich RFC 2019

Most Recent Details Of Championship Friendly



Champion’s Cup Friendly Series 2019

And you’re back. Welcome again to RA Champion’s Cup Friendly which as you know, at this stage is part of a series of matches to be played monthly on the Royal Arsenal Club calendar.(also known as home games)

This format has finally found it’s groove, we have other local tag teams gagging to come and play us. Thoughts are still lingering of the last game played with Grubber Lang where the home team Royal Arsenal were shot down.

Our fourth championship cup match to date of recent and it all kicks off today in Woolwich Arsenal as title-holders Royal Arsenal open their new account for 2019 against Beasts From the East at the MOD grounds(Barracks Field Woolwich). So far the record is 1 game lost to BFTE and one game won-so a decider match as it were today!

For tag rugby supporters across east London, the feelings of expectation are akin to a kid’s on Christmas Eve: Hope, excitement, anticipation.



Photos From Today’s Game