We need YOU!

we-want-youFollowing on from our successful events over the years and the phenomenal growth, the club is eager to form some working groups within the establishment.
Firstly a finance Sub-Group. This group will be tasked with the fundraising aspects for the club. It will also be involved in membership fees & any ‘Adventure Day Outings’ the club organises including event fees/booking venues. This is vital so the club has access to funds to help invest in equipment, facilities and the day to day running of the club, including fundraising for local charities.

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We need YOU! The Tag Rugby Academy hopes to build a strong and proud tradition of producing homegrown players ensuring the ideal transition from Academy to League and Championship.


One of our key aims is to have a Coaching/Fixture Development Sub-Group. The aims of this group will be to development and raise the standards for the coaching and development of all members within the club including fitness, individual strengths & weaknesses.

Our players will be followed by the next generation of young Royal Arsenal members that will work their way through the Academy pathway that is leading the way when it comes to player development.

The Academy sub group will recognise that talent development is a complex and multi-dimensional concept. Therefore, our player identification aims to look at each individual and assess them amongst peers, with an understanding that development rates differ. This means our trials, training and support will be shaped by the person.

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