Thank you for registering for the next annual Royal Arsenal (2019) ” Zombie Fun Run Walk”- Details for participants.

We are delighted to be welcoming you to another of our ‘5K on the RA’ as part of a fun run series on the Royal Arsenal.

This Royal Arsenal event Saturday the 26th we are celebrating all things Halloween, and as usual we are hosting the ultimate thrilling ‘Zombie Fun Run Walk’ , an exciting historical survival 5km organised by NCR Sports in association with Royal Arsenal Rugby and Royal Arsenal Events.Supporting Wooden Spoon, this run will take you through the historic surrounds and iconic architecture of Royal Arsenal, along the river Thames and culminate on No.1 street, soon to be the creative hub of Royal Arsenal Woolwich. Our post run warm up will include stretches and some tunes to get us worked up.

This run is open to members and non-members

Each participant must register beforehand and there will be marshals in place to ensure everyone enjoys a healthy, safe and fun run. 


Registration will involve the below and will take approximately 15mins.

·        Meet outside Guard House Pub 4pm-4:45pm.

·        The race start line will be located outside of Dial Arch.

·        For your convenience sign in with your printed Eventbrite ticket or see a member of staff and register to make sure you are included in the event. A NCR Sports Waiver v2 must be signed by all participants.

·        Collect your colored wrist bands(or stamp) and make sure your bag is safe with someone, we will not have any storage for your bag. We do NOT accept responsibility for personal items.

·        After registration a member of staff will bring the participants together for warm up

·        10 minutes warm up on the green area.

·        In order to identify staff and marshals, we will be wearing YELLOW VESTS with (SPONSOR) printed on them.

·        Please any late arrivals may be refused entry

·        This is an outdoor urban run and so is open to the elements – rain, sun, wind and of course people and traffic. The marshals are there to ensure your safety so please follow their lead if a need arises to stop or walk.

·        Please watch out for marshals and stick to the -as they are there to ensure you have the best possible run.

·        Throughout the run you will be guided through some of Royal Arsenal’s most iconic buildings but will also be able to see some museum pieces of the development’s hidden gems.

·        There will be music on the run, provided and curated specifically for this run so please avoid using headphones as this can be a Health and Safety concern.



·        By signing up to the race, each participant guarantees that they are in full working health and can complete an endurance race with added challenge

·        If mid run, you experience any problems or emergencies please alert your nearest marshal who can best help

·        If you choose to not finish the race, please make your way back to Guard House where the Fun Run began.

·        You must be over 18 to participate

·        The race organisers, sponsors, charities, suppliers and/or their agents will not be liable for any injury, loss or expense which may arise in consequence of your participation in this event save as to negligence

·        It is advisable to bring a small amount of change should you wish to drop donate or if you need to purchase refreshments(water).

·        We strongly recommend that you do not race wearing headphones, you need to be fully aware of the surroundings

·        Marshals have the authority to disqualify and remove any runner they consider to be acting dangerously, or to be unfit to compete

·        There can be no transfer of Eventbrite tickets


·        Can members who do not run attend the party afterwards? Yes

·        Can members invite guests to the after party? Yes

·        Can I drop out of the run mid run? Yes but if you do so by choice, please make your way to back to the start point (Guard House)

·        What should I do if I feel unwell during the run? We ask that all participants who partake ensure they are healthy enough to complete a 5km run and participate to suit their level and pace, however if you feel unwell or have an emergency mid race please approach one of your marshals who can help you

·        Are there changing facilities? The changing facilities are at the discretion of the Guard House Pub, but the rest rooms will be accessible for patrons.

·        Will there be water on the run? No,limited water supply at registration

·        What do I need to bring with me? No shower facilities are available. Feel free to bring water/other forms of hydration/refuel if you wish.

·        Travelling to Royal Arsenal? The best option is to use the Train or DLR. Royal Arsenal is located in Zone 4 on the DLR line or you can use the southeastern train from London Bridge. Parking is not allowed in the Royal Arsenal without expressed permission of the developer Berkeley Group, unless you are a resident. To park locally register with the concierge.

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Can you stay alive?…..

Get signed up as places are limited!

Location Map Of Run





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