Game On – Fridays 6:30-7:30pm – Who’s IN?


GENERAL GAME RULES – Pitch No. 2 Enclosed Cage

Can’t score from your own half.

Can’t score inside the oppositions goal box.

Can’t pass back to your goalie unless uneven player number.

No restriction on ball height.

Kick off from center after every score.


20p needed for lockers if you intend to shower or store stuff.







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Terms and conditions of booking venue
1. The court must be left in the way you found it no bottles or rubbish to be left on the court repeat
offenders will be warned in writing and if continue will have there booking removed.
2. Use of the changing room is included within your booking but the gym is an additional charge.
3. All outdoor players must clean their shoes before entering the building.
4. The Colombo Centre tries to insure outdoor floodlights are on when it becomes dark but if you feel the
light is dimming please inform us and we will be happy to switch them on for you.
5. Contact details must be kept up to date.
6. After your initial payment (discussed previously) you will receive monthly invoices via email.
7. All block booking will operate as a rolling monthly contract, with a months’ notice require if you wish
to cancel or change your booking.

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