EVENT SCHEDULE : Registration begins Saturday 11:00 finishes at 11:30am (no players allowed after this time)

Before any player sets foot on the pitch they must have a registration stamp to verify they’ve registered(read the rules, signed the waiver ..etc…)

11:45am all players ready on pitch for whistle blow. The games will finish at approx. 4:30pm with half time break between. Please don’t forget your TEAM JERSEY(SHORTS WILL BE FOR SALE ON THE DAY) and tag shorts if you have them, NO tag belts ALLOWED. The temperature on the day will be approx. 24 with a forecast of sun/cloud, so please stay well hydrated and use sun protection. We believe the pub Princess of Wales  across the road will be serving breakfast/lunch/dinner all day.

NOTE: It’s al local park no changing facilities


Help in getting from Woolwich Arsenal to #TagBlitz19

From London Bridge South Eastern every 20-30 mins and takes 20-30mins!

54 Bus from Woolwich Square across from Woolwich Train Station – It brings you to Blackheath Common (15-20mins)

Most importantly get there early if you are driving. There is very little free parking in the area and another festival on Blackheath the same day. We suggest you arrive early and/or get a parking ticket.

See maps below for location

Address on google is 1a Montpelier Row, Blackheath, London, Greater London, SE3 0RL




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