Harmonising the Club – Health and Wellness

Health and wellbeing in the club is important to us. We are forward thinkers and want to look after the people around us and (or attempt in the best possible way to) manage their wellness and health first of all as an individual and ultimately as a group of people. Our intention is to enhance Royal Arsenal Rugby’s members in overall club harmony, a diverse and open group.

Our hope is to:

  • Design and implement policies and procedures that improve overall health and wellbeing of an individual or a group.
  • Facilitate the management and modification of those programs.
  • Gather data and information and using that data to determine what extra steps should be taken to enhance the success of the programs put in place.
  • Work hand in hand with other club leaders to help prevent a breakdown in club communication while improving overall health.
  • Present regular updates and reports on the progress of the club and how it has improved since the implementation of programs.

In short, we want to provide tools, resources, and programs that can improve health for members simultaneously been sensitive. We believe this to be added value been part of the club promoting a positive social experience.


Our aim as part of our constitution.

“3. AIM The aim of the club is to improve on a member and their family, social and community life in a safe environment while having fun and been generous to the less fortunate. The wider community benefits where the club acts as a catalyst for social, environment and economic regeneration. ”




Health & Wellness RARC

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