Hannah Findlay – Coach/Ref Dev Officer – RARC

Following an Injury which left me unable to play/compete for many months, I became increasingly interested in thinking of ways to support the club and still keep the social aspect in my life, whilst not being able to play. Not one to be beaten, after watching a few games I decided that I’d like to try refereeing and haven’t looked back since!

Painfully aware that my knowledge of the rules needed work, on behalf of the club I contacted an outside body who provided sessions and so came about our first ‘How to be a Ref’ session … we’ve now attended 2 and I’d like to think the skills of those who attended are already improving.

Going forward we want to keep up this atmosphere of learning and building skills/knowledge as an integral part of the club, so I’ve put myself forward to champion learning and development going forward – any questions or suggestions let me know

In the meantime, we will continue to look for more opportunities to develop the skills of our members and enhance play for all. 


Hannah (HB) – Player / Committee Member

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