Tips on event planning – Part One

The pitfalls of organizing events – Part One (Tips)

Hello everyone and welcome to the trials and tribulations when planning events!

First, without people’s attention, there is no event! Work out the financials including, time spent vs results.

Once you have decided, then commit. You need to have faith, all will come together even on the 11th hour. It’s not a failure until the fat lady sings.

Establish a good team to support you and motivate them along the way to stay committed. Birds of a feather flock together! Gather a crew of likeminded or extra interested personnel to make this event happen, the more enthusiastic and energetic the better.

Basic Start:

1.       Time 

2.       Date

3.       Location

Look at convenience and suitability for your attendees, do the survey, get some reactions from your target audience.

Be careful if there are other events happening around the same time it could be a bad/good thing!! Will this other event help in numbers? If your event is attractive and somehow related enough, it’s positive.

There will always be a problem with communication, so to lessen the burden of breakdown, make everything clear not only to your team but to your audience.

It really depends on the event(size) but allow enough time to build on the awareness factor. Market as soon as possible and plant the seed to all who surrounds you, these people will help unknowingly with spreading the word and it costs nothing! A surprise colleague with experience and trust may come on board unexpectedly.


Finally, you can never oversell and event……reach out, you never know who might be listening.