Royal Arsenal Tag Rugby Practice Locations


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We play/coach every Sunday 52 weeks of the year(11am) up at the MOD playing grounds, just behind Tesco Woolwich Central about 10 min walk from Woolwich Station.

Summer/Autumn we also play at Wellington Park Royal Arsenal Riverside..(keep an eye on social media for updates please-or text 07946529888)

All year round we also play League . We have currently 4 teams from our club playing in the Stratford  London League  Royal Arsenal / Woolwich Arsenal / Woolly Arses / Tag Arsenal Riverside Team

Keep an eye on our league games, sometimes we are away either at an event, skiing 😉 or have a championship friendly cup match in tag, which we organise monthly. !!! Updates on FB / TWR

Most recently we have set up a ‘Bees Team‘ for beginners where we coach and get you fit for fun interaction gameplay. We are very social / inclusive and welcome anyone from whatever part of the country or world.

Google Location HERE

Contact Us Page HERE













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